It’s a quiz like no other, the bar has been raised high, each competitor needs to be 100 years or older. In each episode 6 centennials will form 2 teams.

The show however is not a straightforward quiz but part talk show, part history lesson and in the end the points don’t really matter. Hosted by a family entertainer and comedian this is a gentle and humorous trip down memory lane. We’ll learn more about the extraordinary lives our contestants have lived and their part in key moments in the nations history. The rounds will have questions on the hairstyles of the day, how to operate a reel-to-reel, as well as identifying modern objects. If you don’t know the answer you can bring in a member of your family to help. Warm, humorous and full of charm, a 100 years of Wisdom for us all to share.

25.5% share 2nd highest rated show of the day during the World Cup 2014.

Broadcaster: NPO1

1 prime time broadcast pilots