Ever since the bible, and across the globe, 40 days has been thought of as the time needed, for self-reflection that can lead to breaking bad habits.

6 young, promiscuous sex addicts are embarking on a journey, an experiment, can they, through will power alone give up sex for 40 days? For these youngsters instant gratification has got in the way of forming any lasting fulfilling relationships not to mention increased exposure to disease. In short sex has come to define who they are but they have come to realise their lifestyle needs an urgent change.

Our host will arrive with a simple mission help our over sexed youngsters abstain and reflect for 40 days. They will also get support from out resident life coach who will be uncompromising yet open minded and caring. Through weekly catch ups, social media and phone tracking we we’ll follow them on their mission to rediscover themselves no longer only defined by their sex lives.

Channel:           NPO3

Slot:                   21:25

Season:             3

Length:              35 minutes