A team of highly trained and experienced experts will help to reunite a parent who’s child has been abducted by an ex-partner and taken abroad.

Against a background of increased abductions the justice departments are unable to keep up with the problem. Having carefully vetted each request, made checks with the relevant authorities and ensured that any investigation is purely in the child’s best interest, our team swings into action.

Investigators will search for the missing child and send a team on location to confirm their findings. Every step of the investigation, including the foreign expeditions will be filmed. In highly charged and emotional scenes, the team confirm they have located their son or daughter leading to a much awaited reunion abroad.

The child’s best interests are and legal process are at the very core of this series. A highly emotional and rewarding format.

Doubled the slot average in season 2 on Holland’s largest commercial free to air network RTL4. Season 3 currently in production

Channel:                 RTL4, Netherlands

Slot:                         20:30

Season:           4

Length:              45 min