Our host parks his mobile studio, an Airstream convertible, by his nation’s most famous tourist hot spot. He invites a constant stream of tourists to his studio and asks them all the same three questions. Who are you? Where do you come from? And, why should I visit your hometown?

Hundreds of tourists tell their stories and invite our host to visit them. But only those with the most intriguing and unique stories will be featured.  

The visits are a road trip that can take us anywhere. To see where ordinary people come from and uncover their far-from-ordinary stories. The drummer from Ohio who played at Woodstock, The Buddhist monk from Bangkok, or the eccentric Russian who tells us he’s a rock star back home. 

Each episode is a colorful and diverse mix of two to three heart-warming human tales.

Channel:            VRT Belgium

Slot:                   20:40

Season:             1

Length:              45 minutes