Open your door to the hot new daily access prime time show Beat my Guest! The first performance based peer review show. 

Every week 5 singers will invite us into their homes and every day the contestants will each perform a song. Our contestants will each host an evening giving them the opportunity to transform their living rooms into the stage. The days host selects a musical genre. Monday could be pop divas, Tuesday soul and R&B and Wednesday summer hits.

Episodes are intercut with our performers reviews. We will learn what they really thought and it’s not always good and not necessarily sincere. Tactics reign supreme.

At the end of each day the guests will give marks out of ten across 3 categories. Charisma, Showcase and Voice. The average will be the hosts score. The Host will also have a bonus point to award for best guest. Scores will be revealed at the end of the week.

Beat my Guest is light hearted, but has competition at its very core. It’s heart warming and heart breaking. It’s about real people, real passion and real emotions. 5 singers, 5 days, 5 homes, 5 songs, 1 best singer.