Chiko’s Challenge

Chiko’s Challenge is a comedy Panel show with, at it’s heart one aim, remind us all that maybe we grew up just a little bit too much. The basic premise is universal, a panel of celebrities and comedians are asked questions to which they need to find a funny or factual answer. In Chiko’s Challenge however the questions are coming from a 5 year old girl, Chiko. But Chiko is not even really a 5 year old girl, she is part CGI character, part actor and part comedian. Chiko’s role in this show is to test the panel’s curiosity and ask questions so obvious and so childlike they may be impossible to answer for mere adults. As with every 5 year old Chiko is prone to a tantrum if she doesn’t get what she wants. On air since 2017 the breakout hit on Japanese TV is now ready to conquer the world of trivia based family entertainment.

Channel: NHK – Japan

Slot: 19.30

Season: 3

Length: 45′