The game show that is as much a test of knowledge as it is of their relationship.

The same celebrity couple will come back in every episode, they are journalists, famous and have a reputation for being brainy. Our challengers will also be a couple, either famous or not, their task is to beat our residents and take home the cash. The questions are over a broad range of subjects including the traditional topics but also on a more personal level. These intimate questions are there to test the couples knowledge of each other’s preferences and offer an insight into their lives.

The initial rounds are there to accumulate the prize fund and the final round will be about winning the money by placing bets on their partners answers. If the challengers fail to take home the money the fund rolls over to the next episode when a new couple will have a chance to play for even more money.

Channel:           Das Erste

Slot:                   18:00

Season:             1

Length:             45 minutes