Social experiments don’t come more controversial than this one. At a time where immigration is never far from the headlines this show tackles the question that is so often asked.

Will the influx of construction workers be of benefit to the consumer? We take a real world job, in this case a roof that needs a complete overhaul and we ask two firms to quote for the job and carry it out. After the first team does their work we will bring the roof back to it’s original state and then have a second team work on it. One will be staffed by locals the other by immigrants. A panel of experts, as well as a consumer will then grade the work on both a technical and also customer satisfaction criteria.

In the original episodes, building contractors are set against each other but it could just as easily be healthcare, mechanics to name but a few.

Channel:            TV2 – Denmark

Slot:                   20:00

Season:             1

Length:              50 minutes