Brings the viewer into the emergency response call center. For the first time the action will all be based in the center and focused on the call takers. As if wearing the headset we will be immersed in their world, one which is more complex than we might expect. The call takers are the real first responders with the responsibility of making sure the right people get to the right place whilst reassuring the caller and making sure they stay focused on the task in hand. It’s a hard job and one that takes its toll.

We will follow one shift per episode where a caller might take up to a 100 calls, some very serious some distracting and fun, one of the worst aspect of the job however, not knowing what happens next. Each episode will feature a mix of the light hearted moments in amongst some of the more grueling calls and in the back drop we will get to know the call takers better and what motivates them.

Above all, Emergency Call takes great care in protecting the identity of the callers and treating each case with utmost respect.

Australia 7 Network

Series 1 – 10 x 30’ (fall 2018)