Fathers Pride – the life changing father & son wild adventure commissioned for December 2014 by KRO.

Our 4 father and son teams are here to re-build their relationships. The 4 sons have come out as homosexuals and their father’s can’t come to terms with it.

Our host is about to take them, on what we hope, will be a transformative journey. A chance to re-connect with a lost son. The sons sexuality and the fathers unwillingness to accept it has strained their family life. Their own relationship has only got more difficult over the years.

Their trip to the wilds of South America is a bonding exercise. Together they will have to conquer difficult tasks that they need to solve as a team. Not only do we aim to get them closer to each other but also to find mutual respect.

Will they get closer? Will they find respect for each other? All will be revealed in Buenos Aires. Their final destination and home to one of the largest gay festivals, Buenos Aires Pride.

The unexplored wilderness of the Argentinian countryside will serve as backdrop and metaphor for the father, son relationship. For the first time in their lives, they will have to work together and rely on each other.

Each pairs characters are laid bare for all to see and we soon find out they are worlds apart.

As we near Buenos Aires questions remain unanswered. Will the fathers be present? Will they get over their own biases? Are they really willing to understand one another and most of all: accept each other for who they are?