Finding… Pablo Picasso (6 episodes)
Pablo Picasso’s turbulent love life left a lasting mark on his career. Every new lover signalled a new period in terms of style and use of colour. But how exactly did the women in his life influence the constant evolution of his work?
Picasso and the women in his life, will give us the road map for this trip taking in France, Spain and Italy, visiting cities and regions including Malaga, Paris, the French Rivièra, Normandy, Madrid, Barcelona and Rome.
The host reveals the fascinating relationship between Picasso’s art and his private life. Although Picasso paints in a fairly abstract style his paintings depict very personal stories about women, declarations of love loss, politics, violence and sneakily hidden messages.

Finding… Paul Gauguin (6 episodes)
Paul Gauguin, one of the greatest painters of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. On the market, Gauguin’s masterpieces sell for hundreds of millions, but behind this success lies a very dramatic story.
Gauguin considered himself a savage and lived his life in search of his very own paradise. His journey took him to Peru, Paris, Brittany, Martinique, Hiva Oa and Tahiti. A journey he undertook alone leaving his wife and children to fend for themselves. In a letter he wrote to Vincent van Gogh in 1890, he says: ‘I have to follow my own destiny, alone, unshackled by family, living as an outcast. To me, the loneliness of the forests promises a new paradise, the future of my dreams. The savage returns to the wilderness.’
As we visit these far flung locations we, along with the host, discover why Gauguin felt the need to travel so far and the influence it had on his stunning art. In Arles, the series intertwines with the Van Gogh series. This is the city where Gauguin spent two months working with Van Gogh; a highlight to the art world, but a low point in the two men’s relationship.

Finding… Vincent van Gogh (8 episodes)
Vincent van Gogh is world-wide phenomenon. His paintings sell for millions at auction and the museums lucky enough to exhibit them are always busy. It’s hard to believe that the artist responsible for painting the renowned sunflowers and intense self-portraits spent much of his life living in harrowing circumstances. Who was the man behind the phenomenon?
Fascinated by this troubled soul, our host is in search of the truth behind van Gogh. The mental health issues that plagued his life and so deeply influenced his art. We’ll visit places where the painter lived and worked, from his troubled early years in the Netherlands through to his tragic end in Auvers-sur-Oise.

Channel:           NPO

Slot:                   20:30

Season:             3 (4th in production)

Length:              50 minutes