Full House

In Full House, we follow the lives and households of 3 exceptionally large families. How do you run a household with ten children or more? How do they organize the laundry, dinner, or the morning ritual getting all to school on time? We follow the families over six months and offer the viewers an unique insight into their remarkable lives.
Full house is a ratings winner for NPO1 ever since launch in 2011 and keeps performing and growing it’s audience year on year.

For the tenth series a special COVID version, with 5 big families from former series showed how they live in quarantine amidst the corona virus outbreak. How is it to stay inside the house with such a huge family? This last series, and special corona virus version, was also a big success on NPO1.

Channel: NPO1 – Netherlands

Slot: 19.00 Daily 2 weeks

Season: 10

Length: 60′