When the time comes for parents to move out of their empty nest, the whole family has an opinion.
What might happen if the family were given the chance to compete against each other to pick Mum and Dad ‘s perfect new home? Welcome to Goodbye House.

Goodbye House is the weekly property show, with no experts or host… This is a family affair. In each episode siblings and close family members compete to choose the perfect new home for the parents. In theory they listen to their parents’ wish list and try and find a house that meets those particular needs. But how much will their own agenda play a part? Will they pitch a room with a view – or a babysitting service down the road? And what does it mean to have your parents’ choose your sister over you?

Goodbye House is also ideally suited to be stripped across access and daytime slots.

Channel:           RTE 1

Slot:                   20:30

Pilot:                  1

Season 1:           6 eps. (Q4 2019)

Length:              30′