It’s those everyday problems that people really get fired up about! Changing your sheets, dicing onions, or ironing a shirt. In the highly successful family entertainment show ‘I’ve got it Solved’ everyday people get a chance to present their solution to everyday problems.

The 11th season launches this autumn Saturday evenings on SBS6.

This season consists of 7 episodes including a live finale. In the first 6 episodes 600 enthusiastic inventors are invited to pitch their solution to a jury consisting of an inventor, a designer, a business tycoon, and an investor. Together they’ll select the best, which are evaluated for their marketing potential.

In the final, the 8 remaining inventions will be turned in to fully functioning prototypes with a professionally made commercial. The viewers at home will decide which they’d like to see on the store shelves.

The winning product will not only bring the inventor a share of all the future sales, but also a cash prize.

Key to the show is the partnership with international patenting and manufacturing leader ‘International Innovation Company’. IIC handles the highly specialised world of new product patenting, marketing and manufacturing.

Channel:          SBS6

Slot:                 20:30

Season:           11th