Each episode documents one extraordinary journey. Our host will first meet the protagonist of the show, they are terminally ill and have decided to take 4 of their closest friends and family on a last trip together.

We find out about them, their illness and the reasons they have chosen this location and group of friends. It could be a trek through the wilds of Canada, a crazy weekend in Vegas or just a quiet trip on a farmstead. The friends have all been contacted and have taken a week off but don�t know why or where they are going. The host brings everyone together and explains the plan. In each episode the host reserves one last surprise for the trip, like the basketball mad friends who meet their favourite team Miami Heat.

This will be an emotional journey but not a sad one. This is a celebration of life, friendship and living out dreams.

Channel:   RTL 4 

Slot:          20:30

Season:    1 (2nd season commissioned)

Length:     45 min