The new gameshow that sets pulses racing.

In the nerve racking gameshow Keep Calm, contestants not only need to know a lot, but also be able to keep cool under pressure.

Keep Calm sees 5 contestants do battle over 4 rounds and uses stress measurement to dictate how many points they get or how much time they have to answer. The calmer they are the better the chances of winning. At every moment and in real-time the audience and contestants will see just how they are handling the pressure.

All the while our host can help them relax just as he can get them fired up. This is a show that allows the host a lot of room to play with the contestant’s emotions.

A game where the winner will not only have to master the opposition, but also themselves.

Channel:                 VRT, Belgium

Slot:                         Prime Time

Season:           3

Length:              30/50 min