Collective Memory is a fun, light hearted panel show in which our guests will debate the events, people, and cultural heritage of our (recent) past and an invited judge will decide which should remain etched in our memories or be forever erased. The teams may at times agree, they will more often than not disagree, and they will at times defend the indefensible.

Two returning team captains will be joined by comedians and commentators making light of some serious and not so serious topics in the world of politics, news, music, advertising, the Royal Family, art, architecture, history, and television.

Take the Birdy Song, selling 30 million records world wide and instantly recognizable but also an irritating blot on the musical landscape. Should Holland really be proud or hang it’s head in shame?

Channel:                   RTL4

Slot:                           22:30

Season:                     2

Length:                     45 minutes