Developed by the same team that brought us Long Lost Family, the new spin off will try and fill a void, but this time on a more spiritual level.

An adoptee feels there is something missing in their relationship with their adoptive parents which can at times be painful. Each episode will focus on a different pair who embark on a mission to fill that void or at the very least understand it. We are going to follow them on a trip back to where it all began. It will be the first time the adoptee ever goes back to the country they came from. Over a 6 day trip they will visit the place where they first met, the adoption centre to see if it triggers any memories or feelings. They will become more immersed with their native culture as well as do some of the tourist sites. They will meet someone with the same socio-economic prospects our adoptee might have had were they never to have been adopted.

It promises to be an emotional journey, a journey that we hope will help them find their place in the world, an identity, and bring them closer together.

Channel:           NPO1 / KRO NCRV

Slot:                   21:20

Season:             1

Length:              60 minutes