Commissioned for Halloween 2015 on Holland’s NPO3, Masters of Fear is the search for the three most talented amateur horror movie maker but their grizzly arts will be rated as never before.

They will come from film schools but mostly from the online creative community. Our aspiring Wes Craven’s are given the chance to exhibit their ghastly films to a large television and online audience. But it is small cinema audiences who will decide the winner. Their mission is simple: Create a blood curdling Halloween film and make your heart skip a beat in no more than 5 minutes! They will have a small budget to cover the entire production as well as access to famous actor; creative use of money and resources is a must. The Blair Witch Project proves you can get a lot of fang for your buck in Horror.

The budding Masters of Fear will get complete creative control of their movies. Well almost… They are given four elements to weave into their scripts. How they do this is up to them but points are given for originality and fear factor. The four elements are: a phrase, an item, a character and a location each will be homage to the screamers of the past.

The Final: In small, pitch-black cinemas a select audience will attend special screenings of the 3 films. BUT the audience will vote like none has ever voted before. Each one will be hooked up to a heart rate monitor. The director that finds the most original way to send pulses racing will be crowned 2015’s Master of Fear.

Masters Of Fear will give the commissioning network access to the craved online communities as well as the cinema going public. All in a fun filled event. Wearable tech sponsorship opportunities.