Night Line

where radio and podcasts end

Celebrities (actors, musicians, politicians) host a real radio show where they start a conversation to tackle a problem that they themselves suffer from. They open up to the audience, talk to specialists and artists, while delving deeper into the lives of the callers. A very warm and open approach to serious problems that sooner or later confront us all. 

Sleeplessness, infidelity, mourning a loved one, breaking the law and also gambling addiction. Perhaps nothing to be proud of but all things which we need to be able to talk about. These are all common issues, that many people suffer from or have confronted in the past and yet somehow seldomly talked about openly. In this show celebrities with first hand experience open up, and help the audience open up, so we can get a broader and better picture of what makes us tick. 

Each episode we invite someone famous to host a real radio show, they will speak from experience for the first time revealing their inner thoughts and demons they have battled. They too are looking  insight and answers from invited guests, specialists and other sufferers all the while  inviting listeners to call in. 

This is a late night radio show, on a real station, a format that feels intimate, anonymous and where inhibitions are lost . We listen to them but also delve deeper into the lives of the callers, showing them in their private and most personal moments. 

This is a documentary about the radio show, what happened live, in the studio, but also and maybe most importantly, about the people who listen and join the conversation. The program follows the radio waves into the homes of the listeners, into their kitchen and bedroom, into their families social circle. Surprising confessions and specialist interviews are intercut with intimate human interest portraits. Every show begins and ends with the opening and closing of the radio show, and spans an entire night. 

Handheld camera, short depth of field close ups in the night time studio, enhance the confessional intimacy and emotions of the conversations on air. People talk and look different at night, slower, and more vulnerable. 

The callers are introduced on air, and are then shown in their private homes and workplace. These are shot in stable, tripod supported shots, showing the surroundings and taking the time to capture the moment.

Broadcaster:   Canvas (Belgium)

Timeslot:          21:15

Season:             1 (Q4 2019)

Length:             45′