The Late Night Show with Nitty & Gritty

Takes a tried and tested genre, twists it and creates something greater than the sum of its parts. At its core it is an interview show where we, the general public, get a peak into a world we could never normally experience. What spins this on its head is that the contributors will never appear on camera, they will remain totally anonymous, to be replaced by puppets.

The very premise of the show is that anonymity gives the subject greater freedom to speak about secrets only now revealed to the public at large. It gives the hosts the opportunity to ask questions they would not normally expect answers to.

The series has been a hit with the young demos that the public broadcaster can struggle to reach, the subject of a show often trends on social media in the run up to broadcast. These subject matters can vary hugely from members of drug dealing biker gangs to a celebrity’s assistant.

Channel: NHK – Japan

Slot: 22.50

Season: 5

Length: 30′