2020 will see the rebirth of  1 Year Off, a hugely successful Quiz that can be won without knowing the answers!

The quiz originally launched in 2001 and going off air at the very peak of it’s ratings success, 7 seasons later. Reinvigorated and relaunching in a Q1 2020 prime-time family friendly slot on VRT1. 1 Year Off promises to bring fun and tactical play to living rooms around the world.

A mechanic that will see the same 16 contestants battle over 13 weeks, making them familiar to the audience. One will be eliminated every week. A template that encourages audiences to identify and play along with favourite. The last one standing at the end of the series will take home the salary of the highest paid contestant. An amount that will only be revealed at the very end.

1 Year Off : the game-show that proves it’s not WHAT you know but WHO you know

Channel:           Één, Belgium

Slot:                   20:30

Season:             1-7 (2001-2007)

Season:             8 (Q1 2020)

Length:              60′