Parents evening

Parents Evening is a formatted documentary taking us inside the most important night of the High School calendar… the Parent – Teacher Meeting. 

Filmed in a high school across and academic year (visiting a different school each episode), with access to parents, teachers and the pupils, Parents Evening is a coming-of-age story with a warm heart and an entertainment sensibility. It’s the real Modern Family! 

The night itself acts as an anchor point to jump out from and to explore the lives of the kids, the parents, and the teachers. 

In each episode we follow a number of different children, their parents and their teacher in the lead up to parents evening. We learn about what the child thinks of their performance, what the parents think of their academic s and a hint to what the teacher may think. During this evening we delve into the lives of the families and teachers – it’s a warm look into the central role the school plays in modern family life. 

Each episode culminates with the big night, parents evening. We see the drama unfold as the families sit down with the teachers to ask that all important question…: “Has the apple of they been telling me the truth?” 

We will scour the country to find different types of schools from the regions. Across the country the same is true of all parents evening’s: The parents – teacher dynamic is always fascinating and the conversations that come from it shapes the lives of not just the students, but also the parents and the teachers. 

Parents Evening is a warm, funny and nostalgic look at a definitive chapter in all of our lives.

Broadcaster:   BBC ONE (Northern Ireland)

Timeslot:          19:30

Season 1:          3 episodes

Season 2:          3 episodes (Q4 2019)

Length:             30′

Producer:         Stellify