This summer time spectacular runs over 4 episodes of family friendly prime time entertainment, show cases the visually entertaining and draw dropping artistic creations, made of nothing more than sand and water. 6 contestants, all professional sand sculptors, will battle to win the title “The nation’s best sand sculptor”.

The original version is shot on the beaches near The Hague in Holland, the site of the yearly competition attracting sculptors from around the world. More and more people are fascinated by the beautiful sand sculptures created by these artists. Attracting an increasing number of visitors attending sand sculpture festivals and participants in sand sculpting courses. In each episode the contestants have to make 2 sculptures: 1 big personal sculpture that will take sometimes up to 2 days to perfect and a smaller technical challenge to be executed in a matter of hours.

The contestants will not only face the sculpture challenges but also all that the weather nature has in stall for them. Every episode is themed, challenges based on animals, famous people, architecture from around the globe chosen but the judges to best challenge the artists. The first series performed above the channel average with over 1 million viewers per episode. The sculptures are judged by 2 professional jury members and 1 person from the public.

Every episode the worst contestant will be sent home. Who will win the title?

Channel:           NPO1

Slot:                   20:30

Season:             1 (Q3 2019)

Length:              60′