In Smart & Dart two teams compete in a game of general knowledge and darts. Of each team one kid has the brains, the other has the skills.

The team that gives a correct answer to a quiz question gets a chance to throw the darts and collect points

The show has an innovative virtual reality studio and make use of 360 camera’s and augmented reality. There are all sorts of techniques involved that are used in the gaming industry.

The best team plays the final round and stand a chance to win the cash prize. They start with 180 points and their aim is to count back to 0 by throwing darts. After a correct answer in the final round the contestants get three darts. Are they able to get rid of the 180 points in time? Then they will be awarded with the jackpot and bring home the money.

Broadcaster:        AVROTROS//NPO3

Premiere date:    04-09-2017

Series:                    1

Episodes:              50