Switch is a fun-filled quiz show so simple it doesn’t need points. Five episodes a week, five numbers and five people behind them. Correct or wrong answers make them switch positions, in either direction.

The contestants will battle each other over five daily episodes, coming back each day increasing the familiarity between them and adding an extra dynamic.

Three rounds, at the end of each we see the contestant furthest to the right drop out. The last one standing plays the thrilling final. Win and they bring home the cash prize, lose and there’s more to play for in the next episode.

–   After a solid start the first season’s market share steadily grew to reach an average of huge 41% for the last          week.

–   Switch exceeded the average market share of the broadcaster VRT 1 (market leader in Belgium) by 30%.

–   Three weeks into the run, a second season was commissioned.

Channel:   VRT 1

Slot:          20:00

Season:    4 (5th is commissioned)

Length:     30 min