Unorthodox, controversial, the show that everyone had an opinion on before it was even broadcast! The Bully Project shines a light in a dark place without pointing the finger at specific institutions or individuals. What is it like to be a victim of bullying and what would happen if the bullies saw what effect they have on their victims?

Following a last ditch appeal for help, our team will sit with the parents of a bullied child in a bid to understand what has been done to try and stop the problem. Our student will then be given a rucksack fitted with cameras and sound. They will catalogue what it is to receive daily abuse. The footage will also be intertwined with a personal video diary.

Armed with the evidence our host will approach the school and try to arrange a forum where the footage can be shown to the teachers, and eventually in the student’s class. Supported by a team of experts the class will discuss where they go now and how to tackle the day to day abuse of one of their piers. Every case highlights the fact of what bullying actually is.

In the Netherlands The Bully Project hit every news outlet’s front pages even being debated in parliament putting the issue firmly on the agenda.

More than doubled slot average from 4.3% to 9.5%

Broadcaster – RTL5

Slot – Prime Time

Season 1 – 4 episodes