The Campsite

The Campsite is an 8 part series filmed over the summer and launching later this year on VRT in Belgium. Taking a group of teens who have a troubled past, the host a famous tattoo artist and singer who has himself faced similar challenges. He and his team will give them an opportunity to shine, take on responsibilities and find the self-esteem they have been missing.

We start out with a plot of land and that’s it the rest is up to them. Our hosts team have all been there and will help select and then mentor the candidates, they more than most, know how difficult an undertaking this will be for everyone but also the rewards that await. The kids will build, manage, negotiate any contracts and organize the evening entertainment. They will, ultimately, be responsible for anything that goes wrong.  Not everyone will agree and they will not always succeed. A show full of drama, none of which is created, after all the camera is there to record, not direct.

Channel: VRT – Belgium

Slot: TBC

Season: 1

Length: 60′