They were legends in their time, a team that achieved greatness and made sporting history. Around a table in the locker room, four members of the team re-visit that magical season in the very place where it all came together.

Some remained icons, others faded from memory. In an often revealing conversation, the legends will also discuss life after fame. For some, their time in the spotlight continued but for others, the aftermath was harder. The intimate setting allows the players to speak freely about the magic of sporting success but inevitably the conversation also touches on the darker side of fame. Depression and substance abuse are just some of the taboos frequently experienced but rarely acknowledged in a culture where only winning counts.

Woven into the episodes is a side story that documents the contrasting lives of two team mates.  One has remained successful where the other has followed a different path. Moving, inspiring and real – we discover the human stories behind that extraordinary season.

Channel:            Canvas

Slot:                   21:05

Season:             4

Length:              50 minutes