The Monitor begins where other investigations end, harnessing social media, online platforms, and television it turns traditional journalism on its head.

Across a 36 episode season a number of questions are asked of the audience, they are always timely and socially relevant. The call to action might be ‘Is your health insurance paying out what you are owed?’ or ‘What problems have you faced filling new tax returns?’ Over the course of the series the website will be constantly updated with any new research findings and audience submitted data being woven into the reports. Eventually as the case builds the programme will make items in the TV show highlighting new findings and asking for more. The website design ensures true crowd participation.

Traditionally one might expect a journalist to do their investigation, hold on to the scoop and then report. In The Monitor this is just the beginning. The audience is invited to contribute to the stories, upload documents and share experiences and turn them into long-term living investigations.

Channel:     NPO1 (KRO NCRV)

Slot:    22:30 

Season:       2 (3rd season commissioned)

Length:       30 min