5 dance crews will battle for one to be named winner of The Ultimate Dance Battle.

5 of the nations greatest choreographers are given the chance to hold national auditions and pick then train their 5 most talented dancers.

Each choreographer has their own expertise be it Hip Hop, Jazz, Modern etc. But they will need to build a crew that can excel at all the disciplines, even those they themselves know little about.

Dance Camp is their chance to get talented individuals and build them into a team. The dancers will live together and train together. One thing is for sure they will be sweating. The intense and punishing training sessions will take their toll and the pressure mounts as we head to the live auditions.

4 live shows will see the teams battle each other and the viewers will vote. The 2 teams with the lowest vote will battle it out to see who stays to dance another day and have their chance to win The Ultimate Dance Battle.

Rated 40% above slot average.

Broadcaster – RTL 5

Slot – Prime Time

Season 1 10X60’

Season 2 10X60’