In the last year, more than one in four Europeans has dealt with psychological disorders*. As mental health awareness grows globally, more and more people seek the assistance of a psychotherapist.

Through Therapy, the viewer is a witness into the intimate discussions between therapists and their clients. Seven therapists, all highly regarded in their field, will feature across the series. Each episode will focus on three clients’ stories, with their sessions spanning over several months. The series aims to help audiences to better understand the work of these professionals and the results they can achieve. Anonymity is strictly maintained at all times, clients remain hidden and the therapists operate standalone cameras.

As well as highlighting clients’ emotional journeys, Therapy is also a study of the therapists themselves – delving into how they deal with stories of suffering, and how they approach challenging cases. The series is a fascinating insight into a profession that is often clouded in mystery and stigma. 

*Statistics from the World Health Organisation –

Launch:            March 20, 2019

Season 1:          8 episodes

Season 2:          Commissioned!

Timeslot:          21:20

Length:             40′

Broadcaster:   Canvas (Belgium)

Producer:         Panenka

International distribution:
Lineup Industries