Wanted tracks down and extradites convicted criminals back home to face their sentences and repay their debts to society.

Central to the investigation and the focus of the show is the story of a victim of serious crime. The victim’s life has been put on hold since the aggressor escaped justice. The victim has contacted the show and will explain their case to our host/investigator. Why re-capturing this criminal will help them find closure on what has been a painful time in their lives. Perhaps they were the victim of an armed robbery, a scam that has ruined them or abuse amongst other serious crimes.

The justice departments just don’t have the manpower to track all the criminals on the run abroad and the police in the countries they have fled to have no idea they are harboring a dangerous criminal. With the help of a network of ex-cops and private investigators our host starts the hunt for the criminal. The team soon track down the escapee, in some cases the victims even know themselves where they have run to.

With the justice system behind them, the team contacts the local police and arrange an arrest and extradition proceedings to bring them back home to face their time in jail. We then revisit our victim, the host will break the news that the perpetrator in now safely behind bars and that they may hopefully be able to now get on with their lives knowing their aggressor is finally facing justice.

Channel:                 RTL4, Netherlands

Slot:                         20:30

Season:           3

Length:              45 min