What the?! is the brand new hidden camera wish fulfillment show.

Members of the public secretly undergo weeks of training overseen by an expert in the field. Our host offers encouragement and support whilst also meticulously planning a stunt to reveal the skill to all their friends and family. In each case the subject is out to prove something to their family but also themselves.

Maybe your Granny isn’t quite as frail as everyone thinks. Imagine you’re surprise when she jumps on a dirt bike and chases down the bikers who’ve been making your quiet lunch in the country a nightmare. Or… the housewife that jumps into the plane and taxis down the runway and performs the most incredible areal acrobatics routine you’ve ever seen.

In this brand new feel good hidden camera format the impossible becomes possible.  

What The?! Backstories Netherlands Season 1

Driving lesson

A female 58 year old viewer sent in a request to be a part of the show. Years ago she was in a serious car crash. She was learning to drive at the time but the trauma caused her to give up. Ever since she’s had phobia of driving and rarely even gets in a car. She wrote in to ask if the show could assist her in overcoming her fears and to secretly take lessons again. The reveal will be a surprise that astonishes her family.

Self defence

Another example is a young woman who has always felt anxious in public places… worried she might get harassed. All basically coming down to the fact she is chronically insecure but she sees she needs to take a hold of her life and grow in self-confidence. The team will give her self-defence, fighting and stunt lessons over the course of 4 weeks. In her stunt she sits with her friend in a bar… 4 huge men come in and start making remarks about them. Taking control of the situation she stands up to our planted “hooligans” and to her friends absolute amazement takes the guys on and beats them out of the cafe. The reactions of her best friend are priceless.


Joyce has a perfect life all luxury and not much to worry about. The only thing that really annoys her is her family who always makes fun of her and telling her she’s a spoiled princess. For once she wants to show them she can also step up when the time comes. The team will give her lessons to operate a huge digger… during a BBQ she will surprise friends and family by getting into a JCB, starting it and then pick up a car that is blocking the way.


A mother has had an irrational fear of water her whole life and has refused to learn how to swim. Her son is learning to swim and she’s come to the realisation that it’s time to conquer her fear… She’s secretly been learning to swim for the last 4 weeks. The stage is set at her local pool, as her son is about to do his swimming test. To the amazement of collected family and friends both mother and son will jump into the pool to pass their swimming diploma.

Channel:   NPO1

Slot:         20:30

Season:   1st

Length:     30/45 minutes